Booklets, Tracts, PDFs

A variety of reading material available to read online, or download and print for later so you don’t stare at a computer screen longer than you have to. More are being added regularly so keep a lookout!

Tracts & Flyers

Get Washed In His Blood — Or He’ll Wash His Feet In Yours! A simple, all-Scripture tract. Hard-hitting, easy to make. Just print on two sides (preferably on card stock), cut along the vertical and horizontal lines, and you have four tracts from a single sheet of paper. Great for leaving lying around.

Christ or Caesar: Who Is The Head Of Your Church? A brief summation addressing churches filing as non-profit organizations. Can be printed on two sides of a single 8×11 sheet of paper. Easy to produce and hand out.


Multicultural Alchemy 16 pages discussing the powers behind the miscegenation campaign in America. Print out on both sides, or set printer to “booklet”.

Jews Behind Race Mixing by Dr. Edward R. Fields. An old booklet from around the same era as the “civil rights” movement, exposing the Communist agenda behind the push for racial admixture. 14 pages. Set printer to “print both sides” to create a booklet.


The Abrahamic Covenant by archaeologist E. Raymond Capt. Most people think they know who God’s covenant people are, but are dead wrong. This booklet gathers the clues to show the glorious truth.

If You Oppose Communism, You’re Anti-Semitic! A collection of verified quotes proving the Jewish origin of Communism.

The Cross at Stake Some Christians use the traditional cross as the symbol of their faith. Others oppose it. Can the debate be settled?