KJV Onlyism

One of the greatest debates among Christians today is whether the King James version of the Bible is the only legitimate, God-approved translation of the Bible, and the only one Christians should use. This page offers resources to help dispel the madness. All media are downloadable.

DISCLAIMER: Not every opinion expressed by the speakers and writers below is necessarily that of TDI. Prayer and personal study are encouraged.


KJV Only: Debate between James White and Jack Moorman: An enlightening discussion between one of the better pro-KJV advocates and James White, author of “The King James Only Controversy” and translation consultant for the Lockman Foundation.

New Age Bible Versions: James White vs Gail Riplinger. The 1993 radio debate between White and Gail Riplinger, author of “New Age Bible Versions”. This is the first and last time Riplinger ever allowed herself to be engaged in public debate. When you listen, you’ll see why! (Starts at 0:14)

The King James Only Deception by Pete Peters: KJV Onlyists say there’s a great New Age conspiracy behind the “modern translations”. Could it be that the conspiracy is on the other side?

KJV Only Deception: Pt 1
KJV Only Deception: Pt 2
KJV Only Deception: Pt 3
KJV Only Deception: Pt 4
KJV Only Deception: Pt 5
KJV Only Deception: Pt 6
KJV Only Deception: Pt 7
KJV Only Deception: Pt 8
KJV Only Deception: Pt 9
KJV Only Deception: Pt 10
KJV Only Deception: Pt 11
KJV Only Deception: Pt 12


Wescott & Hort vs Textus Receptus: Which Is Superior? by Doug Kutilek Between the Textus Receptus (the primary Greek text used in the translation of the King James Version of the Bible) and Wescott and Hort’s “critical Text”, which is the superior? More to the point, what qualifies a text as superior?

B.F. Wescott and the Inspiration of the Bible by James May Wescott and Hort’s detractors claim the pair had heretical views regarding the divine inspiration of the Bible. What does an objective examination of their writings reveal?

B.F. Wescott and the Deity of Jesus Christ by James May Did Wescott and Hort deny the deity of Jesus Christ, as they are often accused by KJV Onlyists?

Wescott and the Resurrection by James May KJV Only teachers often claim Wescott and Hort denied the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This essay delves into the matter.

Wescott and the Ghostly Guild by James May What’s the real story behind Wescott’s involvement in a paranormal investigation society?

Wescott, Hermes, and the Occult by James May The charge of occultism is frequently laid on the heads of Wescott and Hort. Is it factual?

Was Wescott A Homosexual? by James May Probably the most vile accusation leveled by most KJV Only proponents is that Wescott and Hort were sodomites.


Riplinger and her pawns such as Waite, Hovind, Marrs, and others make many claims about the writings of Brooke Wescott and Fenton Hort which they expect their audience to take at face value and never look up for themselves. In this era, there is no excuse for ignorance. Here are the “Lives and Letters” of both men, which their enemies so often twist, abuse, and misquote. Look for yourself, rather than letting others tell you what they say.

The Life and Letters of B. F. Wescott
Volume 1
Volume 2

The Life and Letters of F. J. A. Hort
Volume 1
Volume 2