Welcome to TearingDownIdols.com, a website designed to be a constantly-expanding resource for Christians to gather information on a variety of topics in a variety of downloadable media.

Let us be perfectly up-front:
This is not a politically correct site.
This is not a mainstream “churchianity” site.

It is devoted to bringing truth to light and destroying the idols of falsehood that have been planted, nourished, and established in our minds by the very people whom we’ve trusted to teach us correctly. This site is for those folks who’ve realized they’ve been lied to, and are looking for answers.

This site is not for people who are afraid of being challenged.
This site is not for the complacent.
This site is not for conformists.


We are not promoting a particular teacher, organization, or denomination.
We are not trying to win anyone over to any institution of any kind.
We are not trying to get you to give us money.

The main intent of this site is to challenge you to study, explore, and ponder the Word of God and the world around us from fresh angles and perspectives, and to offer you exciting, educational material. We want to offer truths that 99.9% of churches and pastors are afraid to share for fear of losing congregants and money.

Our ultimate goal is the advancement of truth.

The times are growing increasingly chaotic, and most people — the people who are paying attention, that is — are asking why. They’re looking for answers. Unfortunately, most of the answers they latch onto are offered by the very people and groups and organizations behind the problems themselves. No wonder things only keep getting worse!

“The truth will set you free,” Jesus said to His disciples (John 8:32).

Without truth, we will always be enslaved to falsehood. And we’ll never find the truth if we aren’t willing to seek it out and pay the price to buy it (Proverbs 23:23).

Can you handle the truth?

(Most people can’t.)