Antichrist Revealed

The Antichrist: A titillating mystery propounded by preacher and capitalized upon by writers and filmmakers. Countless end times scholars have speculated about the nature and identity of this embodiment of evil.

But who is the Antichrist? When will he come? How can we identify him?

The aim of this booklet is to help the reader see that the Antichrist isn’t nearly the enigma we’ve been told he is. The Bible is quite clear as to his identity, and it doesn’t take an accomplished eschatological scholar to understand it.

Most readers may be in for a shock, but the truth could completely revolutionize their understanding of not only Scripture, but current events.

Questions answered in this book:

When does the Bible say the Antichrist appears?
How can we quickly and easily identify the Antichrist?
What is the Antichrist’s historical background?
What is the significance of “666”?
Who are Gog and Magog?
What exactly is the nature of the Antichrist’s power?
. . . and more.

Most Christians may be amazed to find that the mainstream narrative of the Antichrist is not at all like the truth. The points made in this book are accompanied by documentation and recommendations for further research — so don’t just take the book’s word for it!

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