A Message To Christian Wives

Video by Paul Masters

Too many wives and mothers are doing great damage to the Kingdom by ignoring the command to submit to their husbands. There are no excuses. Their submission is the key to a successful and strong family. Their husbands need cooperation and help, not resistance. Without women recognizing and adhering to their God-given roles, the Kingdom has yet another enemy to face from within its own ranks.



6 thoughts on “A Message To Christian Wives

  1. Son, Your message to Christian wives is well said! This is something that I have spoken about to several moms and told them that women were the creators of Womens’ Lib, not God!


  2. That was a terrible biblical lesson….you need to pray upon this subject and try again some time in the future. You can do better. I say this humbly as a old woman, who learned submission to my husband from some of the best.


    1. Firstly, I’d love to know how a lesson can be “biblical” and “terrible” at the same time, unless one considers the Bible itself to be terrible. Secondly, care to point out precisely how it was “terrible”? If you can show where, at any point, I deviated from the Scriptures, I’d be happy to consider it.


      1. Since it was not biblical….it was terrible. If I misused that word and that upset you, I do sincerely apologize. However you are not my husband and only he has the right to correct my actions. You are also not my pastor, and so here again you have no right to correct my actions. It was terrible….because it did not guide your brethren; it offended. Now here is a woman who truly learned submission….almost to the sacrificing of her own life. Try writing something inspirational to “Christian women” to guide us carefully in the right direction. Her name was Abigail the wife of Nabal.


      2. Funny. . . you claim I have no right to correct you. And yet —

        But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. — I Timothy 2:12

        What are you doing here?


  3. This was well said. I am so glad you did this. Over the years, I’ve found everything you said to be true. It was a tough lesson to learn. Any woman who rejects this rejects the truth of scripture and her husband is most miserable.


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