On this page is downloadable, printable material which is available for any use. It’s completely free of copyright. We urge you to use it for study or distribution.  


CHRIST OR CAESAR: WHO IS YOUR GOD? — A flyer exposing the dangers which the 501(c)3 tax exempt status poses to churches. View and download here: 501c3-flyer

THE WESTERN CORRUPTION OF MARRIAGE — A treatise examining “traditional marriage” and comparing it against Biblical marriage. View and download here: westerncorruptionofmarriage

HOW TO SAVE AMERICA — A flyer urging Americans to save their country, not by relying on voting and elected officials, but by taking personal responsibility through repentance. View and download here: Save America Flyer

AN OPEN LETTER TO ANY MINISTER WHO TEACHES THE JEWS ARE ISRAEL — A booklet written by the renowned Pastor Sheldon Emry, explaining the fallacy in teaching that today’s “Jews” are the Israelites of old. View and download here: openletter

ABRAHAMIC COVENANT — A booklet written by Bible archaeologist E. Raymond Capt, tracing the migratory paths of the twelve tribes of Israel to their current prophesied residence of modern day. View and download here: abrahamic-covenant

RESPONSE TO “FREE WILL VS OWNERSHIP” BY STEPHEN JONES — A response to and rebuttal of Stephen Jones’ booklet, exposing the falsehoods and blasphemies therein. This PDF is arranged so it can be printed into a booklet using a printer’s “booklet” function. View and download here: JonesRebuttalDoc