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Coronavirus: Time To Panic?

A time to panic, and a time to be lackadaisical…

Given the track record of mainstream media (and often, alternative media) we need to take everything we hear with a generous helping of salt. The latest big news, Coronavirus, has a lot of folks at least mildly concerned, if not outright freaking out. Some say the official numbers of infected and dead are inflated, while others say the figures are downplayed. Nonofficial information out of China is claiming that it’s far worse than what we’re being told — but considering the tight clamp China keeps on its internet, even that is suspect. Is it info or disinfo?

If we’re honest, we can’t say one way or another with absolute certainty. We live in an empire of lies. Everything is suspect.

However, what do we know for certain?

We can say with certainty that with the recent scares (such as measles) obviously engineered to push people toward vaccinating, this event opens up the door for more fear-based propaganda, if not legally-mandated vaccination. All the talk of quarantines also paves the way to implementation of Agenda 21 tactics, herding people out of rural locations and into the cities.

Is that what will happen? Nobody can say for sure. But we do know this is a prime opportunity for all of it.

What else do we know for certain? We know God is sovereign, and whether these things are real or not, they’re happening either by his allowance or his design, especially as judgment on his wayward people. Whether it’s true pestilence, or irrational fear driving the chickens into the fox’s lair, it’s judgment. We know this all fits the parameters of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

If we’re wise, we’ll prepare as best we can to ward off disease by eating healthy whole foods and ensuring that our nutritional intake is as good as we can make it. We can ingest iodine, colloidal silver, garlic, and other natural antibiotics. We could even take steps to ensure that our homes are set for isolation in the event of a true pandemic.

But in the end all that is pointless if we haven’t taken serious steps in getting right with God. Humbling ourselves before God and doing all in our power to live in obedience to him is huge. Fasting and prayer also certainly are not unreasonable. Honest self-examination of our hearts and lives in the light of God’s Word is important. If we are not covered in the blood, now is the time to believe, repent, confess him, and be immersed in water for the remission of sins.

This is not to say that all this will guarantee survival in the case of a deadly pandemic, but it should put us at ease knowing that whatever happens to us, we are God’s and can look forward to more beyond this life.

Furthermore, we need to remember that all this is not about us, but about Christ and his Kingdom. It’s about the glory of God. We need to focus on that work and not let fear of disease and death distract us. Christians are part of something so much bigger and better than themselves, and we need to stay the course. Be the best worker in his kingdom you can be, and trust that the Master will look after his own, as Christ himself has promised.

Coronavirus: Hoax or pandemic? We will know eventually. But let’s not lose our heads in the meantime. Take the precautions you can, and leave the rest to the decision of the Almighty.

Politicians Don’t Care Whether You Have Guns. Here’s Why.

The gun debate has raged on for a long time, but just as with any other aspect of politics, what we see come to the forefront is typically smoke and mirrors, a distraction from what’s really going on.

For example, when everyone was up in arms (pun intended) over the red-flag law in Virginia, that same state, as well as the Federal government, quietly pushed through other legislation. It happens every time. When the government and media create an uproar in one quarter, they’re performing a massive slight of hand to distract us from another issue.

They know guns are a sensitive topic on both sides of the political paradigm. They know whenever any gun legislation comes up, all hell will break loose. Therefore, they’d be fools not to utilize it to the utmost.

And they do.

But it goes deeper than that. As soon as a Democratic governor or president assumes office, gun and ammo sales skyrocket. It happens like clockwork. It especially happens when that candidate has made promises to take action on gun proliferation.

One prominent example is Obama. The second it looked like he was going to win, people ran out and ordered weapons until the manufacturers were backlogged for months and even years. This happened a number of times during the Obama presidency.

But here’s the kicker. Did you know Obama and many other “anti-gun” politicians own shares in major firearm and ammunition manufacturing companies? So while conned-servatives thought they were defying those goshdarn Democrats, they were in reality helping those same goshdarn Democrats make bank. I honestly would not be surprised at all if Northam and/or other Democrat (and even Republican) politicians in Virginia are busy admiring their shareholdings at the very moment of this writing.

In other words, while conned-servatives kicked up a ruckus about their “Second Amendment rights”, not only did they fail to stop the red-flag bill from passing, but they also helped line the pockets of the very people they thought they were fighting.

But don’t these politicians realize that all these gun purchases are going straight into the hands of the people? Doesn’t it worry them that the populace are arming themselves?

Hardly. And for multiple reasons.

1: As I pointed out two posts earlier, the people have shown a greater affinity for running when the chips are down, than for standing up and fighting to the last man no matter what the cost. Men have lost heart in today’s cushy, effeminate society. Courage is forgotten. With widespread consumption of soy on top of continual propaganda portraying the government strongmen as being unbeatable, the average American male has been cowed. He hasn’t had to physically fight for anything, let alone freedom, in a very long time. That ship has sailed. For now. This is in keeping with Deuteronomy 28:25 and 32:30. We go one way against our enemies and flee seven ways before them because our Lord has given us up. All the weapons in the world don’t make a lick of difference in that situation.

2: When Trump banned bump stocks, conned-servatives largely accepted and defended this infringement on their “Second Amendment rights”. If Obama or some other Democrat had done it, they would have been outraged, but because their golden boy had issued the executive order, it was downright heresy to suggest that it was anything other than a good idea. Bottom line, Americans are stupid. And politicians know it. When we reject the wisdom of God’s Law, we’ll fall for the most ludicrous things. And stupid, easily manipulated people don’t pose any more of a threat when they have guns. Just feed them the right lines and they’ll lie right down as the doormats they are. Plus, what are the “back the badge” crowd going to do when the cops are used to confiscate their guns? Their brains will short out just trying to figure out whether to fight for their 2A “rights” or lick LEO boots.

3: The enemies of our people understand how our God works. In many cases they understand Scripture better than we do. As Balaam taught Balak to make Israel sin so they could fall prey to Midian, so have our enemies caused us to sin through their entertainment and schools, thus allowing us to fall prey to their devices. Once we fall away from our God, we are exposed and vulnerable. Weapons become futile trinkets.

So while we allow the politicians to lead us one way and then another with their games, and we respond defensively only to fill their coffers, our enemies laugh. They don’t care how many weapons we stockpile. Without our God, we might as well be armed with spitballs.

The only way to truly strike fear into the hearts of our enemies is to take a stand for the Gospel and the kingdom of Christ, as the apostles did. The apostles were truly feared by the ruling powers of their day, far more than they fear the loudmouthed 2Aers spewing Jefferson quotes and waving AR-15s around.

One thing that has historically proven far more effective than weapons is ideas. Ideas capture the mind and change the heart. Ideas are infectious, and completely change the course of history. Further, ideas founded in truth are unstoppable. Any regime can use the force of arms, but ideas are more effective than the most equipped army.

Christ has given us the Sword of the Spirit. With that and faith, we can subdue kingdoms and put armies to flight (Hebrews 11:33-34). Stripped of it, however, we can do little more than serve the very people who want to destroy us. Unbeknownst to conned-servatives, they are feeding and serving the same people they claim to be resisting. They’re being played. Without the Shepherd, they’re lost sheep. If any of the folks in Richmond on January 20th had had the benefit of the Shepherd, they would have seen the idolaters and sodomites in the crowd and immediately left, knowing the entire event did not have the covering of God. They would have recognized the futility, foolishness, and yes, even wickedness of the entire situation.

Meanwhile, the bureaucrats continued doing the godless things bureaucrats do, knowing that the people gathered outside were powerless to stop them, and were in fact dancing to the Piper’s tune. They knew people had gone out and purchased weapons by the thousands, but it didn’t bother them at all. They had known it would happen. They had banked on it.

So while conned-servatives celebrate their imaginary “victory”, the bureaucrats laugh at them.

And those with a heart for truth and righteousness, who see what’s really going on, weep.

Gee, Why Didn’t God Bless The Virginia Rally?

God refused to grant Israel the victory at Ai because one man had violated his commandments. Don’t expect anything, and I mean ANYTHING, good to come of the “patriot” crowd. As long as they include deviants like these in their midst, they’re headed nowhere but destruction.

Don’t call yourself a “conservative” if you accept this garbage. You love the Second Amendment but ignore the Seventh Commandment. You’re cool with sodomites as long as they’re “2A Gays”, ie, as long as they worship the same false god. You’re a liberal Marxist and a reprobate.

But what else can we expect of a crowd of people who see a dead document as being a higher authority than the Living Word? …or of a gaggle of fools who are more upset over the prospect of losing their guns than they are over the murder of infants? …or of a herd of mindless lemmings who run after presidents and congressmen rather than after the King of Kings? Keep on celebrating your imaginary “victory”, conservatives — illusions and pipe dreams are all you’ve got anyway.

Liberals and conservatives both serve the same gods. Don’t be fooled by the idiotic posturing and squabbling.

Americans are playing the whore, and will reap the fruits thereof.

“This is why MLK matters in 2020” is the caption of the person who originally posted this photo online, and not that of TDI

Red Flag Laws In Virginia?

Spurred by fury at the idea of their “rights” being stripped away, tens of thousands of conservative Americans from all over the country flooded into Richmond, Virginia on January 20, 2020 to protest a “red flag” bill being introduced to the state Senate.

Waving flags and signs, the protestors peacefully choked the streets and made sure their presence was known to the bureaucrats occupying the imposing marble capitol building.

When they left, conservative commentators crowed over their “victory”, announcing that the “deep state” had backed down in fear of the overwhelming masses of Second Amendment quoters.

Three days later, the Senate passed the bill anyway.

So much for the “deep state” backing down.

So what went wrong? Did too few 2A lovers show up? Didn’t they wave their flags and spout the Constitution hard and loud enough? Maybe they should have hung up more “founding father” quotes and sported more MAGA hats.

Sardonic commentary aside, it’s apparent that the entire rally in Virginia was an exercise in complete futility.

While I’m glad and grateful that January 20th didn’t see a false flag event, the fact remains that all these gun-toting guys wasted their time and resources. It’s apparent that the bureaucrats didn’t care one iota about how many people marched around regurgitating patriotic platitudes.

Part of the problem is that these people are so obsessed with one tiny aspect of the problem that they don’t see the overall picture, and thus can’t figure out — and frankly, aren’t interested in — the solution.

For years, the bureaucrats on both state and federal levels have been selling Americans out in a big way, and rarely have their deeds elicited such a response as what we saw on Monday, January 20th.

Infanticide? Sodomite “rights”? Privately owned central banks? Billions and billions in foreign aid? Graduated income tax? Blasphemy? Constant, unnecessary war? Eminent domain? All these things and more do little else than elicit yawns or uninterested shrugs as Americans return their attention to the football game.

But threaten to step on their precious Second Amendment, and boy oh boy. You’d better look out, Mr. Politician. If you do that, we’ll slap some Molon Labe stickers on our bumpers, drive to your workplace, and march around. We’ll do it in the thousands. That’s just as scary as the little checkmarks we put on our ballot forms. Marching and voting are to bad politicians as garlic and crucifixes are to vampires, right?

Well, apparently not. Because for all the marching and voting, Virginia is still on course for red-flag laws and MAGA hero Donald Trump has set a precedent for banning firearm accessories by executive order.

The Virginia rally failed for a couple of reasons.

One, politicians don’t care one wit about 2Aers and their marches and their quotes. They’ve seen what’s happened in the past. During the Bundy fiasco in Oregon in 2016, patriots stood firm right up until LaVoy Finicum got himself killed. Then the realization that the Feds weren’t just LARPing hit home, and everyone bailed. The fact remains that the vast majority of these people are blowhards who think they’re something else because they happen to own a lot of guns, yet the most action they’ve ever seen starred Sylvester Stallone. When real life pops up and things come down to the wire, the average loud and proud, flag-waving, armory-stocking, Constitution-touting, Trump-voting conned-servative is a sissy. The bigger they talk, the harder they go down. And politicians know it.

Most readers won’t like my above assessment — and granted, it may be harsh — but it’s the truth.

Second, rallies aren’t a solution. Picking up arms and going to war isn’t a solution. Voting for different politicians isn’t a solution. We’ve done all that. It hasn’t worked in the nearly 250 years of the American experiment, and it never will. When the Israelites realized they were in trouble for rebelling at the ten spies’ bad report, they picked up arms and went to war — and were defeated. When they had one man, Achan, in their midst, who had violated God’s commands, they went to war against Ai — and were defeated. In both cases, their defeat was due to God not being with them.

In every case in Scripture and history, God has always given overwhelming victory to those who were utterly reliant on Him. Those who have His favor are unstoppable. As Paul says in Romans 8:31, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

The failure at Malheur National Refuge and the failure of the rally in Richmond are evident of one painful fact: God was not with them.

Once again, an unpopular assessment, and maybe harsh, but true.

Perhaps if these people first and foremost had repented of our multitudinous national sins, God would have looked on them in favor.

Sins such as:

— idolatry (politicians, troops, police, flags, documents, sports, guns, etc)
— blasphemy (elections, calling man-made documents “divinely-inspired”, etc)
— murder (supporting evil wars, caring more about “muh guns” than about infanticide, etc)
— adultery (tolerating and accepting sexual deviancy and miscegenation in their midst, etc)
— theft (accepting the central banking system, supporting taxes, charging interest on loans, etc)
— treason (loving secular republics and hating the idea of rule by Christ and His Law)
— pride (thinking Americans are God’s gift to humanity, etc)

… and that’s just a start! Nationally we are guilty of violating every single one of the Ten Commandments, and yet we have the gall to think God will grant us any victory in our struggles. Lunacy and stupidity. It would be laughable if it weren’t for the horrifying results.

II Chronicles 7:14 gives the formula for victory over tyranny and moral downslide:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

‘Muricans are so busy patting themselves on the back for being ‘Muricans, so busy idolizing Donald Trump, so busy bowing down to the “founding fathers” and their monstrosity known as the “Constitution” that they’ve been utterly blinded to the extent of their depravity. Humbling themselves is not an option for the flag-waving, troop-supporting, 2A-adoring ‘Murican.

And until something drastic happens to make them get over themselves, God will not hear from heaven, forgive their sin, or heal their land. Things will only get progressively worse, and nothing they do will stop the juggernaut of tyranny.

The best thing Americans can do is recognize that everything going wrong in America is not the fault of liberals, Democrats, Muslims, Jews, nonvoters, or whoever else they love to point the finger at. It’s the fault of each and every one of us, individually and nationally, due to our pride and idolatry, our blasphemy and our rebellion against God.

“YHWH is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. — Psalm 34:18

Americans need to adopt the spirit that made our ancestors sit in sackcloth and ashes. Glamorous? No. Epic and exciting? Hardly. ‘Murican? Not in the least. But certainly much more likely to be noticed by Almighty God, who gives the victory.