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The Duty Of Dominion
by Paul Masters
Someone will always have dominion here on earth. The only question is who. As King of Kings, Christ expects his army to get busy with the task of conquest.

Build The Wall!
by Paul Masters
We’re told we need a taxpayer-funded border wall to protect the US from alien invaders. What about the wall of the New Jerusalem whose walls have been broken down and neglected for far too long?

The Biblically Empowered Woman
by Paul Masters
The world offers women “empowerment”. What it doesn’t tell us is that women are already born possessing inherent power, and like the serpent lured Eve to destruction, so too does feminism lure women to susceptibility and misery.

The Sin of Individualism
by Paul Masters
Contemporary fashion has rendered both Christianity and sin into the realm of the personal and individual, completely ignoring the national implications of such an attitude and allowing “Christians” to make God after their own image — in other words, commit adultery.

The Jawbone of a Donkey
by Paul Masters
Message delivered August 26, 2017 at the Iowa Christendom Rally near Lansing, Iowa. Our people are easily divided, which makes us weak. Using the analogy of Samson’s jawbone, this message urges Christian Israelites to rally together for the Kingdom.

Pronomians vs Judaizers
by Paul Masters
Comparing pronomians (Christians who advocate obedience to Biblical law) to Judaizers, and exploring why it’s inaccurate to accuse pronomians of being Pharisees. (Audio from this video)

The Alt Right and Nationalism: A Clever Snare
by Paul Masters
The rise of the Alt Right is nothing more than history repeating itself, a ruse that has lured the frustrated and gullible to further destruction. This video draws on Scripture and history to admonish Christians to be alert and not be fooled by the devices of men. (Audio from this video)

Christians Unite!
by Paul Masters
The soldiers of Christ are so busy fighting among themselves and dividing into sects that the enemies of the Kingdom need do little to destroy us. We are doing the work for them. It’s time for men who have been washed in the blood of Jesus to pull together for the cause. All it will take is for a handful of righteous men to fully submit to Christ and to each other to put an end to this terrifying spiral in which our society finds itself. This video is a call to arms, for Christians to lock their shields on the battlefield once again.
(Audio from this video)

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