Law is Claim to Divinity

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When we choose a source of morals and mandates which shape our behavior, we choose that source as our god. Whether that source is our individual selves, a human government or code, or God, it becomes our chosen deity when we commit to obey.

When man seeks to become god, he invariably enacts a code of conduct which he deems right, or at least expedient to the ultimate agenda of his regime. Unless he does so, he cannot be god. An issuance of a moral code is integral to being divine, else there is no power. Furthermore, in order to truly be a god in his own supposed right, his laws must be unique to himself and unmistakable from the laws of any other god. If his laws parallel with those of any other authority (real or imagined) then he merely co-rules with the other god or gods. This requires that these laws be at least distinguishable from the rest, if not completely opposite. The apostle Paul makes it plain in the seventh chapter of Romans that, where there is law, there must of necessity be a god, and that we must choose whom to obey: The law of the flesh (Man) or the Law of God.

In man’s quest to dethrone the one true God, they understand that in order to rule they must have laws, not merely different from those of God, but laws absolutely to the reverse. They must call evil good, and good evil, put darkness for light, and light for darkness, and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isaiah 5:20). Otherwise they are working in tandem with the very Power which they seek to destroy. And for men who are bent on obtaining divinity, such a notion is unacceptable. They must oppose the real God in all things in order to be gods themselves.

So it is that our world is filled with a freakish medley of deviant worldviews, legislation, and ideas. And they are indeed freakish in that they oppose the purpose intended by the Creator. Take note of how God, in his visions to the prophets and to the apostle John, often depicts powerful worldly governments as bizarre chimeras – hybridized creatures with multiple heads, strange horns, and other weird characteristics. Meanwhile, his own heavenly government is presented as a mountain, or a city, ruled by the Lion of Judah and Paschal Lamb, all natural and majestic images.

The enemies of God who aim to usurp his power understand how important it is to their agenda that they absolutely oppose what God has decreed as natural and right. They must authorize sexual deviancy, murder, miscegenation, abuse, theft, idolatry, and blasphemy. They must become rewarders of evil and punishers of good. They must rule by lies, rather than truth. They must rule by force, rather than by liberty. They must destroy the world, rather than be its stewards.

They must become the Beast.

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