Fiat Kingdoms

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Since the beginning, mankind has aspired to be god. The urge has driven him to partake of the forbidden fruit in Eden, to build the Tower of Babel, and to erect memorials to his empirical conquests. His arrogance has led him to create entire religions around human reason and human achievements, to compel his own fellow humans to worship him, and to persecute those who would not. Man, he asserts, is the pinnacle of intellectual development. Man, he claims, has no need of any higher being or guide because Man is self-sufficient, self-fulfilling, and self-governing. Man, we are told, occupies the highest possible position.

To prove he is god, he must of course work signs and miracles. Placing man on the moon proves his genius. Bombs that destroy entire cities in a single blast prove his wrath. Controlling the lives of people around the globe proves his power. Issuing and enforcing laws proves his authority. Establishing social programs proves his ability to provide. It seems nothing he wills can be turned aside. A congressional vote, a presidential decree, or the clap of a judge’s gavel is all it takes. Man speaks, and it is so.

This ability to virtually will things into being is a quality inherent to godhood. When God created the world, He said, “Let there be,” and whatever He desired, was. Man aspires to this same ability, and it would seem he is crossing the threshold into that realm of deity.

In the Latin Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, we find that the phrase “let there be” in the Creation story is condensed to a single word: Fiat. (dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux – “And God said, let there be light, and there was light.”) For those of us who have studied economics and government, this word should be familiar. “Fiat currency” and “fiat government” are phrases used quite often in explorations of those topics. Literally, “fiat” refers to something being spoken into existence, in which something is created out of nothing but sheer will.

When something is described as “fiat”, it bears that adjective not because it exists by its own merit, but because someone has declared it to be so. In other words, fiat currency would not otherwise be considered valid currency had it not been issued and decreed as currency by its creator. Paper, cheap metals, and computer entries wouldn’t be accepted by the populace as valid money unless it had been made so by fiat. It isn’t considered money because it is money – it’s considered money because we’re told it’s money.

Likewise with governments. A handful of men sitting down to determine and issue legislation to the people would only be considered a collection of egotistical and deluded megalomaniacs unless they were transformed into a legitimate government by the apparent magic of fiat. “Let there be” changes the entire perspective of the people.

Paper and computer entries are nothing more than paper and computer entries. They are not money. And yet the general populace, swayed by what they perceive to be the all-powerful decree of government, accept that now, in some mystical way, paper and computer symbols have taken on new pecuniary properties. In the case of government, the deluded gaggle of megalomaniacs becomes a Congress of “We the People”. Man speaks, and it is so.

When Man attempts to speak something into existence, it is his attempt to be divine. YHWH spoke the world into existence by the power of His Word, and the only way Man can match Him is to do the same, in much the same way as Pharaoh’s magicians attempted to match the miracles demonstrated through Moses. God remains supreme as long as His works can’t be replicated by anyone else, and so Man tries to bring God down by claiming His power. If He can speak things into existence, then so must Man if he hopes to be divine.

And yet, “let God be true, and every man a liar” (Romans 3:4). The difference is that, just as with Pharaoh’s magicians, the fiat of Man has no power. It can bring nothing tangible or real into existence. It is all illusion. Federal Reserve currency remains paper and computer entries, and Congress remains a convention of egotistical megalomaniacs. The only thing that has changed is the perception by which the people see them. Man can’t make something from nothing, but he can sway minds and play tricks of illusion. God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). When He declares something to exist, it exists. He holds everything together by the power of His Word (Hebrews 1:3) His fiat is true and powerful, while Man’s is illusory and impotent. Anything brought about by the will of “We the People” or any human legislation is by definition an attempt at fiat, but no more than an attempt.

God not only spoke the world and its contents into existence, but also decreed gold and silver to be legitimate currency. He declared His Kingship to be legitimate Kingship. No other rule or law can overturn it. Man’s fiat is merely rivalry, trying to replace His real declarations with their illusory deceptions. (Illusory deception is an important aspect of sorcery – which consists of a great deal of apparent acts of “let it be”.)

The only way in which human fiat can hold any form of power or appearance of legitimacy is when the people submit themselves to it. Without that submission, it’s powerless. The faith of the subjects is vital for human fiat to have any effect because its legitimacy exists only in the minds of its subjects. Once that faith vanishes, the entire illusion vanishes as well. Ra, Jupiter, Zeus, and other false gods were created by their worshipers’ fiat, and vanished from influence when their followers lost faith. Even Aaron understood this when he crafted the golden calf and announced to the people, “This is your god, O Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 32:4, NASB). Prior to his declaration, it was a mere lump of molten gold, shaped and tooled into the semblance of an animal. But through fiat, Aaron transformed it in the minds of the Israelites into a deity.

Human fiat is therefore: (1) illusory and sorcerous due to deception, (2) religious due to faith, and (3) idolatrous and blasphemous due to “speaking something into existence”, which only the One True God can do..

The issuance and acceptance of human fiat leads whole societies into a false fantasy world that binds its believers to the ones whom they allow to manipulate and control their world. Our society of fiat government (of and by the people – “the people have spoken”) and fiat currency (“This bill is legal tender for all debts, public and private”) is a Matrix-like dystopia that exists strictly in the hearts and minds of its subjects. The sorcerous nature of human government hangs on through repetitive propaganda and falsehoods, hissing in the ears of its adherents as the serpent did in the ears of Eve, promising divinity and knowledge but delivering enslavement and misdirection.

The only way to truly combat the sorcery of human fiat is to declare the truth of Christ and His Kingdom to the shackled. Only truth will destroy the illusion and its idols. Only a return to the reality of Christ’s Kingdom will bring down the current false regime of Man.

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