Destroying Our Idols

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In the Old Testament days, all the people had to do in order to free themselves from false gods was tear down the high places, smash the idols, and burn the images. The false gods were powerless to defend themselves because they existed solely in the minds of their worshipers. In the same way, every human government that stands outside the authority of Christ has power solely in the minds of its subjects. Whether that government is a monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, or anything in between, its ability to rule hinges on recognition and submission from the people. Once that factor is removed, it becomes extinct.

Too many people in America today think “voting out the bums” will solve our problems. In reality, they only continue to feed the monster by participating in the system upon which it relies in order to maintain its semblance of divinity.

Others think “returning to the Constitution” is the answer. Such a course will at best take us back to the inception of the idol, when it first emerged from the minds of men who had rejected the rule of God in favor of the rule of human “reason”. The cycle would only start over again. It would be like returning to the match that started the wildfire.

Some advocate taking the government by force of arms. But they forget that while they may be closer to the side of right than the system they would overthrow, the idol still retains the resources which placed it in its position of power, while the would-be overthrowers would not. Rifles would be met with howitzers. Militias would be met with entire military branches. Trucks would be met with tanks. The uprising would be quashed before it even gained a foothold.

At first glance, the idol of Man seems insurmountable. How can we tear it down?

Remember that, as the saying goes, “One with God is a majority”. At God’s command, Gideon put thousands to flight with three hundred. Jonathan said, “There is no restraint to Yahweh to save by many or by few” (I Samuel 14:6), and shortly thereafter drove the Philistines from their garrison in Michmash with only his armorbearer to help. Hezekiah cried out to God when Sennacherib surrounded Jerusalem, and in one night one hundred eighty-five thousand Assyrian soldiers died. This is a fight that does not depend upon numbers or firepower, but upon faith. After all, “Yahweh saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is Yahweh’s.” (I Samuel 17:47)

When the ancient kings of Judah made the commitment to turn their people back to God, they set out on a nationwide mission to destroy all the false gods in their land. Note that it was never “we the people” who made this decision. It was always a godly man who either already had a position of leadership or stepped in to fill a vacancy, as the judges before Saul often did. It took one man, or perhaps a handful of men, to begin the process. Never was there a wholesale national repentance until a brave minority stood up and began to act. Someone had to pick up that first axe to hew down the Asherah, or swing the first hammer at the high places. It took prophets crying out, repentant kings making a bold declaration, or mere nobodies armed with little more than faith and a fleece. Courageous minorities changed the face of Israel, and were responsible for burning the idols at the brook of Kidron and killing the prophets of Baal. Christ began a movement with twelve nondescript men which ultimately led to the downfall of the blasphemous Roman Empire.

Numbers mean nothing in the fight against the antichrist. What matters is whose side you are on.

Man was never made to be a god. He was made to administer the laws of the Lawgiver, to be stewards of the King’s realm, not to rule in the Lawgiver and King’s place. He was not designed for autonomy. In seeking to be god, he seeks to do something outside the scope of his abilities. This is why every human empire ever created has collapsed, and why the United States government and the One World System for which it is an ambassador will collapse as well. Man taking on the task of god overestimates his own abilities and foolishly thinks he can fill a role for which he was never designed. The idea is akin to a toddler thinking he can run the house in his parents’ stead – the result will invariably be disastrous.

The usurper is weak in his arrogance and inability. Why should we fear him when the one true King and Lawgiver, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, sits in the heavens and laughs at the enemy (Psalm 2)? The flimsy empires of man will fall. Their idols are already rolling down the slopes into the trash heaps outside Jerusalem, and whoever clings to them will burn with them.

Remember that these false gods only exist in the minds of their worshipers. As long as we support them or recognize them as holding any form of authority, they will continue until they implode under their own weight. Our war is not one of firearms, but of ideals. The enemy may wield the threat of death, but if we have been immersed into Christ we have no need to fear that threat in light of the promise of a future resurrection. Those who would merely destroy our bodies for a time are defying Him who can destroy both body and soul (Matthew 10:28). We wield truth, the sword of the Spirit, a faith that has subdued kingdoms (Hebrews 11:33), and a law that converts the souls upon whom the very life of man’s blasphemous empire rests (Psalm 19:7). This was what Paul meant when he spoke of our weapons, not being carnal, being strong in the tearing down of strongholds and everything raised up against the King (II Corinthians 10:4-6). He was speaking of conquering the world by tearing away the one thing that gives false kingdoms their life force – the hearts and minds of men.

If we were to try to tear down the marble temples (capitol buildings), burn the oracles (law books), and slay the false prophets (lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats) of America’s false religion today, we would accomplish nothing. We would be quickly jailed, and the public would see Christians as destructive anarchists. We would only wreak a little havoc, and sour opinions everywhere. The kings of Judah were able to smash the idols and burn the Asherah because they were able to utilize their power. They could issue the decree and command it to be done throughout the land. As individuals with little to no recognized authority, we must resort to the “foolishness of preaching” (I Corinthians 1:21) and win the hearts and minds of our people back to their Creator and King. Like Paul, who stood on Mars’ Hill amid a host of idols and seized the preaching opportunity afforded him by the altar to the Unknown God, we must chip away at the idols through the dissemination of truth. Rather than sowing seeds of rebellion, we must sow seeds of repentance, and rather than seeds of anarchy, seeds of reformation. From these seeds, by God’s grace, will spring up a renewal that will sweep across the nation, and eventually, the entire world.

Order and righteousness will return to America only when we reject the tenets and oppressive pseudo-laws of the Humanist regime and embrace the commandments, statutes, and judgments of God’s righteous and eternal Law.

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