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In today’s emotionally supercharged era of debate over marriage and its definition, Americans find themselves caught in a moral firestorm. “Progressives” seeking to establish sodomite civil unions as acceptable clash with the proponents of “traditional” marriage, sparking debate in all forms of media. Political candidates take advantage of the issue to bolster their voter bases, as demonstrated by the 2015 Republican candidate turnout to make a grand display of support for Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to sodomites. Books and articles have been written. Sermons have been preached and lectures delivered. The battle rages and only shows signs of escalation.

Yet for all the conservative outcry, the “progressives” seem to be making meteoric headway while the “traditional” marriage advocates spin their wheels at best. The onslaught of immorality appears to have breached the walls and has begun to pour through like a flood. The tidal wave of hostility against Christians is building daily. Nothing conservatives do seems to stop its inroads. The battle is quickly turning, and not in our favor.

What’s wrong? Aren’t the conservatives on God’s side in this issue? Hasn’t the Bible plainly stated, “If God is for us, who can be against us” (Romans 8:31)? Then why do conservatives face defeat after defeat? Why are the sodomites daily gaining ground?

Few people appear to be asking this question, let alone searching for the answer. In any war, a commander who sees that the enemy is driving his forces back must reevaluate his strategy, since it obviously isn’t working. The fact that he is being beaten is all the evidence he needs to see that a flaw lies in his tactics. The “progressives” have a battle plan that is plainly working for them. They know it, and are vigorously pursuing it with glee. Meanwhile, the conservatives, though knowing the tides of the fight have turned against them, don’t seem to realize that there’s something wrong with their approach. Something critical is missing. They’re paying a heavy price as a result. Yet few are humble enough to consider that they might have something wrong. The problem is not so much that the “progressives” are winning, as it is that the conservatives are failing.

Whenever God sent the ancient Israelites to war, He promised overwhelming victory, but on the condition that they obey Him and His Law (Deuteronomy 11:22-25). As long as they adhered to Him in everything, He would go before them, sweeping the enemy away as if they were chaff on the wind. It was this truth that allowed the Israelites to conquer Canaan, and let Gideon and his 300 men drive away the Mideonites. The battle belonged to the Lord (I Samuel 17:47) as long as His people remained in subjection to Him.

Using this principle, we can look at the conservative fight for “traditional” marriage, consider the results (or lack thereof), and see that God is not fighting this battle for us. It is as if He has utterly abandoned the field, leaving us flailing helplessly amid the press of enemies. Why would He abandon us? Why would he leave us at such a critical moment, when his enemies seem to be winning in their rebellion against the Lord and his anointed (Psalm 2)?

When Israel was driven back from their siege of Ai, Joshua went before God in despair. After all, He had promised to go before Israel fighting their battles for them. Joshua understood if God was fighting for them defeat would not be a reality. He realized they had been abandoned. God’s response was to tell Joshua that there was sin in the camp of Israel. Because of this God had not only turned against Israel, but had allowed their enemies to have the upper hand. God had become Israel’s enemy. “If God is for us, who can be against us” had become “if God be against us, who can be for us”. Unless they changed, rooted out the sin, and repented, God would not fight Israel’s battles. Not until Joshua and his men purged Achan and his stolen goods from among them did events turn out in Israel’s favor.

Has God turned against America? Could there be sin in America’s camp, particularly the conservative camp? Could those who claim to be fighting God’s battle actually be so deep in sin that God has abandoned them? What could that sin be?

The fact is, Americans (including “conservative” Americans) are guilty of many various sins, but the one I intend to address in this book pertains directly to the marriage fight which we see raging today. Conservatives have as much fallen prey to liberalism and political correctness as have their counterparts on the Left. In doing so they have attempted to redefine marriage just as have the progressives. Yahweh God, the one true Author of marriage, reserves the right to define and regulate the marriage institution, yet man on both sides of the political aisle have taken upon themselves the role of god. This sin is nothing less than blasphemy. Why should God support those who would depose Him as the Author and Definer of marriage? Would He not be perfectly right to become their enemy?

But,” conservatives might argue, “we aren’t trying to redefine marriage! We’re fighting to uphold marriage as God instituted it!”

Are they, really? Have they ever honestly examined the Word of God to find out exactly what God calls acceptable or unacceptable as marriage? If we study the Bible and critically compare the conservative notion of “traditional” marriage with Biblical marriage, we might find that Western culture has, in many regards, corrupted the holy institution, and it’s not all the fault of the left-wingers. That is the purpose of this book: To examine marriage from a wholly Biblical standpoint, disregarding any traditional or politically correct sensibilities we might have ingrained in our minds. It will attempt to undertake a thorough examination of the institution, but won’t touch on the issue of sodomy, assuming (1) that the reader already understands and decries its perverted nature, and (2) that the question is so undeniably clear in Scripture that to cover it in this book would be superfluous. The main goal of the text is to help conservatives reexamine their stance on “traditional” marriage and discover if the “traditional” is truly Biblical.

The enemies of God won’t stop their attack against marriage. And they will only gain ground as long as conservatives continue to battle under the standard of a “traditional” marriage that doesn’t reflect God’s Biblical definition. Political rhetoric and mindless adherence to denominational teachings will never save America. If we are to win the fight, we absolutely must appeal to the Bible’s intent and laws regarding marriage. Otherwise, we will keep being beaten down until even the most stubborn among us is forced to admit to and repent of rebellion against the Most High.

If it comes to that, we have yet to see the worst of God’s curses on a sinful and stiffnecked people. May we be spared such calamities!

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