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Examining how far Western culture has strayed from the Biblical standards of marriage can quickly show that “conservative” Christians, in their struggle to uphold “traditional” marriage are indeed upholding exactly that – tradition. In their attempts to give their tradition a foundation they twist and even ignore Scripture’s clear words on the divine plan for Biblical marriage. “My ways are not your ways,” declares Yahweh God (Isaiah 55:8-9). We do not naturally or culturally have the mind of Christ, but rather carnal minds caught up in what Man has tried to establish as right and good and moral.

Even the atheists and humanists can see the hypocrisy in the “traditional” marriage arguments. They can read the Bible for themselves and see that we don’t keep its moral laws, that we’ve added our own traditions and morals and removed the commandments of God. How can we expect them – or anyone, for that matter – to take us seriously if we’re picking and choosing which parts of the Bible to agree with and obey? The fight against sodomite unions will never gain ground until we reject even the most “conservative” traditions and fully embrace and employ every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

While the liberals are busy calling good evil and evil good by promoting perversion and condemning those who stand against it, conservatives do the same in many cases by adhering to manmade tradition above the Law of God and even condemning those who are perfectly within Biblical parameters. Under these conditions the conservatives are nothing more than hypocrites in their fight against sodomite unions. If headway is to be made in that quarter, conservatives must return to the Word of God and relearn it, not trying to force it to fit Western thinking, but changing their thinking to fit the Word of God. God is neither Eastern nor Western in His thought. He is YAHWEH ELOHIYM, and there is none like Him.

As should be the case with anybody speaking on important topics, especially when they pertain to matters touching the Law of God, I encourage you to study marriage carefully for yourself. Prayerfully compare my assertions with the Bible. Let Scripture speak for itself, laying aside any prejudices or preconceptions you might harbor. The only way we can truly find what God desires of us is to read the Word in its own context. When we read it through the lenses of our own sensibilities we will only see a perversion of truth, and not the very essence thereof.

The battle against the sodomites is reaching a peak, and its outcome will be determined, not by who gets their candidate into office, or who gets their legislation passed, or who gets the best press coverage. It will be determined by whether the conservatives continue waving the “traditional” marriage standard, or abandon it in favor of Biblical marriage. No politician or political party can or will save us. Only the one true King and Lawgiver can save us, but He will not act on our behalf until we start acting on His. His ways must become our ways, and His thoughts our thoughts. Our standards must be built on what is good and right, not on what is traditional. Victory lies only in Jesus. We can appeal to Him, and He will answer, but only if we subject ourselves unequivocally to His standards and laws. Once we do that, no force on earth will be able to resist us. But until then, we will only endure humiliation and defeat. Our disobedience is the problem – not liberals or their philosophy. To use the quip from the old Pogo comic: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

It’s vitally important that we understand God’s purpose for our lives, and to apply His Laws to every aspect thereof. As a culture we have drifted so far from what is right that we’ve become nearly indistinguishable from the pagan civilizations of history. All those civilizations met judgment. It is sheer arrogance to think that Western culture is immune to divine response to our widespread sin. Liberals and conservatives alike need to let go of their human ideas and theories and return to the Bible for their source of morality in every sphere, else we will face destruction that will make September 11, 2001 look like child’s play. I believe those days are coming soon. At this rate, it’s inevitable. We need to get right with God and align our standards with His own. Like the Israelites were sheltered in Goshen while the ten plagues devastated Egypt, those who are faithful to Him will also be protected from the storm of fury He will unleash against His enemies. Let’s forget what our denominations or political parties teach and find out what the Bible says, if only for our own sakes.

For those of us who survive the judgment, understanding the foundational principles of the Kingdom will make it possible for us to rebuild, this time founding a society that stands strong on the Rock of Christ. Marriage being one of those foundational principles, it is essential that we completely understand it as God perceives it. Any time we try to modify, redefine, or altogether change what God has decreed, no matter how sincere our motives might be, we are telling the Almighty that we, His creation and His subjects, are wiser and more righteous. We declare ourselves divine, just as did the Caesars of ancient Rome.

If we seek divinity, the only way to achieve it in any possible sense is to put on the mind of Christ and make God’s thoughts our thoughts. We cannot ascend to rule by attempting to dethrone the Almighty, but we can join Him as ISRA-EL, ruling with ELOHIYM as queen, wife, and fellow ruler over His creation, dispensing truth, justice, and mercy to a world that groans in anticipation of Kingdom restoration. May that day come quickly!

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