A Call To Action

Whether we all see it or not, or choose to accept it or not, our people stand looking over the brink of historic events. These events will completely change the world as we know it. What we recognize as normal and commonplace will become relics of history.

The pieces are in place. The signs indicate that the final great push to surround and destroy the camp of the saints looms over us. Our enemies have planned this for centuries, and our God has allowed it. He has allowed it because we have allowed it through complacency and compromise. He has allowed us to reap what we have sown in our laziness, arrogance, and foolishness.

The time has come for Christians, washed in the blood and immersed into the body of Christ, to choose a side – to choose between the kingdoms of men and the Kingdom of God. Human government has failed to procure liberty or security for us. It has, in fact, procured quite the opposite. We must throw away our trust in men – in presidents, congressmen, governors, parliamentarians, and kings. We must forget the vain documents on which these dying systems are founded. We must cease the meaningless and silly rites of voting, saluting, and petitioning. What good have these things done? And what evils have they not brought to ugly fruition?

We have one God, and are ruled by his Son. No other must be worshiped, and no other kingdom must be sought.

We read in Daniel of the Rock Cut Without Hands which smashed the kingdoms of men and grew to occupy the entire world. This Rock is Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, and if we call ourselves Christians we must serve no other.

Our citizenship is in heaven, not in the specious and fleeting republics, democracies, and dictatorships of men. It’s time we behaved accordingly. As new men, we must serve and promote the new Way.

Rather than praising and supporting presidents and bureaucrats, let’s praise and support the King of Kings. Rather than waving flags of wicked human governments, let’s raise the standard of Christ. Rather than cling to hope in the idolatrous creations of men, let’s cling to hope in the promises of the Son of Man.

Let us build something different. Something greater than we have ever seen. Something of which we can all be a part. Something everlasting. Something founded in justice and righteousness. Something established and led by none other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

We must turn the faith of our families from men to God. We must undermine these earthly kingdoms by persuading people to seek their provision and security elsewhere. When people sing the praises of a man, we must counter their blasphemy with the praises of Jesus Christ. When people honor bureaucrats we must persuade them to honor their fathers. When people are in need, the Body of Christ must offer better and greater things than what is offered by the State. When danger looms, we must offer help. When chaos reigns, we must offer Law and order. When injustice is done, we must take action to rectify it according to the Word, rather than trust in the corrupt courts of men. When husbands and fathers die, we must must offer such aid to the widows and orphans that they would not dream of looking elsewhere. We must teach fathers to lead and educate their families, rather than rely on the State to do it for them.

This is a war of faith, and faith is the lifeblood of government. As long as people trust in the imaginary governments of men, these same despots will enjoy rulership over the masses. Once that faith has been undermined, and eventually dissolved, these despots will find themselves powerless. Their empires will collapse. We must turn the faith of men away from all forms of government, directing that faith to the everlasting Kingdom of Christ. This is done, not merely by preaching, but by offering something exceedingly better than the injustices and wickedness of the regime under which they suffer. This is done by establishing the example in our own homes and within our own families and between brethren, so when others see it they might desire to be part of it themselves. We need to offer and display the solution to the problems which humanist empires create.

In this way we will build something to take over once the empires of men inevitably fall. In this way, we will wear away at the foundations of faith upon which these false gods rely, and take captive the hearts and minds of people who are looking for hope. In this way, brick by brick, we will rebuild and restore that which the complacency and neglect of our people has allowed to crumble.

In this way, we can hope for the mercy of our God, and the survival of our people.

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