Coronavirus: Fleeing When None Pursue

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. — Proverbs 28:1

While everyone is panic-buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and cleaning out grocery store shelves, it’s important that we take the time to think clearly. As a matter of fact, we should have been thinking clearly all along.

Anyone who is a student of history should know that the status quo, no matter how long it has gone on, never continues. It changes, sometimes suddenly. This is one of those moments. The wise have understood this and have been storing up for that “rainy day”, much like the ant. Buying bulk goods, stocking up on necessaries, and raising and storing one’s own food is a wise action to take during times of plenty so times of want don’t catch us by surprise.

But all that aside, the fear over a virus has nearly everyone in a panic. Mainstream media (and many alternative sources) are harping constantly on the dangers of this new virus, and people are reacting like it’s the new Bubonic Plague. Never mind that its kill rate is no worse than regular flu. Elderly, premature children, folks who are already sick or at least have compromised immune systems, and Asians have proven to be most at risk. In other words, it’s another virus like the many others we deal with on a regular basis.

But we are being told to panic. There’s an agenda here. I could go into all that, but let me just sum it up by referring you to the tale of Chicken Little. Don’t fall for the panic — because the panic is far more deadly than the disease.

To give you some idea of how truly deadly and dangerous this COVID-19 is, and what our Fearless Leaders aren’t telling us:

Yesterday (March 17, 2020), when the Prezi-dunce addressed a room full of reporters, the reporters were made to sit spaced out, with one empty seat between them. Once the room was filled using this protocol, no further reporters were allowed in.

Chump entered the room and commented on how nice it was that everyone was practicing “social distancing”.

Meanwhile, he and the people with him behind the podium were busy standing shoulder to shoulder and whispering in each other’s ears — zero “social distancing” whatsoever.

Think about what that means.

This is an engineered scare. The people telling us to be scared are hardly afraid themselves. Be smart. Don’t be hoodwinked.

Personally, I’m more concerned about the economic and governmental ramifications of this whole thing. The steps being considered will bankrupt millions and open the door to martial law on a level only before seen in warzones and openly Communist countries. I pray it doesn’t happen, but we’re a sinful people. We deserve every bit of it.

But Christians shouldn’t fall for the trickery (which, by the way, is becoming increasingly easy to spot — they’re getting sloppy and don’t care because they know the public will believe anything). Be smart. Be prayerful. Focus on the goal. When you’re told to be afraid, know they want you afraid for a reason, and never a good one.

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