Coronavirus: Time To Panic?

A time to panic, and a time to be lackadaisical…

Given the track record of mainstream media (and often, alternative media) we need to take everything we hear with a generous helping of salt. The latest big news, Coronavirus, has a lot of folks at least mildly concerned, if not outright freaking out. Some say the official numbers of infected and dead are inflated, while others say the figures are downplayed. Nonofficial information out of China is claiming that it’s far worse than what we’re being told — but considering the tight clamp China keeps on its internet, even that is suspect. Is it info or disinfo?

If we’re honest, we can’t say one way or another with absolute certainty. We live in an empire of lies. Everything is suspect.

However, what do we know for certain?

We can say with certainty that with the recent scares (such as measles) obviously engineered to push people toward vaccinating, this event opens up the door for more fear-based propaganda, if not legally-mandated vaccination. All the talk of quarantines also paves the way to implementation of Agenda 21 tactics, herding people out of rural locations and into the cities.

Is that what will happen? Nobody can say for sure. But we do know this is a prime opportunity for all of it.

What else do we know for certain? We know God is sovereign, and whether these things are real or not, they’re happening either by his allowance or his design, especially as judgment on his wayward people. Whether it’s true pestilence, or irrational fear driving the chickens into the fox’s lair, it’s judgment. We know this all fits the parameters of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

If we’re wise, we’ll prepare as best we can to ward off disease by eating healthy whole foods and ensuring that our nutritional intake is as good as we can make it. We can ingest iodine, colloidal silver, garlic, and other natural antibiotics. We could even take steps to ensure that our homes are set for isolation in the event of a true pandemic.

But in the end all that is pointless if we haven’t taken serious steps in getting right with God. Humbling ourselves before God and doing all in our power to live in obedience to him is huge. Fasting and prayer also certainly are not unreasonable. Honest self-examination of our hearts and lives in the light of God’s Word is important. If we are not covered in the blood, now is the time to believe, repent, confess him, and be immersed in water for the remission of sins.

This is not to say that all this will guarantee survival in the case of a deadly pandemic, but it should put us at ease knowing that whatever happens to us, we are God’s and can look forward to more beyond this life.

Furthermore, we need to remember that all this is not about us, but about Christ and his Kingdom. It’s about the glory of God. We need to focus on that work and not let fear of disease and death distract us. Christians are part of something so much bigger and better than themselves, and we need to stay the course. Be the best worker in his kingdom you can be, and trust that the Master will look after his own, as Christ himself has promised.

Coronavirus: Hoax or pandemic? We will know eventually. But let’s not lose our heads in the meantime. Take the precautions you can, and leave the rest to the decision of the Almighty.

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