Gee, Why Didn’t God Bless The Virginia Rally?

God refused to grant Israel the victory at Ai because one man had violated his commandments. Don’t expect anything, and I mean ANYTHING, good to come of the “patriot” crowd. As long as they include deviants like these in their midst, they’re headed nowhere but destruction.

Don’t call yourself a “conservative” if you accept this garbage. You love the Second Amendment but ignore the Seventh Commandment. You’re cool with sodomites as long as they’re “2A Gays”, ie, as long as they worship the same false god. You’re a liberal Marxist and a reprobate.

But what else can we expect of a crowd of people who see a dead document as being a higher authority than the Living Word? …or of a gaggle of fools who are more upset over the prospect of losing their guns than they are over the murder of infants? …or of a herd of mindless lemmings who run after presidents and congressmen rather than after the King of Kings? Keep on celebrating your imaginary “victory”, conservatives — illusions and pipe dreams are all you’ve got anyway.

Liberals and conservatives both serve the same gods. Don’t be fooled by the idiotic posturing and squabbling.

Americans are playing the whore, and will reap the fruits thereof.

“This is why MLK matters in 2020” is the caption of the person who originally posted this photo online, and not that of TDI

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