photostudio_1471737864344America and Europe are suffering under a massive burden of multiplying woes. Crises both natural and artificial arise all over the world — wars, fires, murder, riots, floods, earthquakes, drought, corruption, recession, and the list goes on. It seems no matter what people do in attempts to correct or at least respond to these problems, the situations only worsen. What is even more disheartening for Christians is that, even though we have an abundance of churches, Christian television and radio stations, Christian books, Christian music, Christian schools, Christian camps, and more, the overall influence of Christianity is quickly waning in every societal sphere. Even though Christians vote, pray, and preach, culture only regresses. Why?

That is the question which this website seeks to address. There must be an answer to today’s problems, a solution we can all apply to turn things around. The good news is: An answer does exist, and we can all do something about it.

We encourage you to explore this site and continue to visit as more material is added. There is hope despite all the destruction and despair. There is a happy end to this story, and it’s probably not what most universities or churches have told you. The Scriptures, as inspired by the One True God, hold not only the answer, but a clear picture of what is to come. Our prayer is that the articles, videos, and audio messages will help you uncover the amazing truth.

But be prepared. We do not offer anything sugar-coated and pleasant. In order to change the world, we must be ready and willing to change ourselves, no matter what those changes might happen to be. Americans and Europeans are steeped in idolatry, in ways which many of them might not recognize as idolatry. Our aim is to uncover those idols so that we can destroy them from our hearts. Only once those idols are removed can we put our gaze squarely on the Savior of men and nations, and run the race unhindered. Are you ready to uproot idols from your life? Really, truly ready? Because idols always die hard.

Dig into this website and find out. We hope and pray that you are inspired, as Gideon was, to do everything necessary to save your nation. Everything.